To obtain nursing home Medicaid benefits, a person must be at least 65 years of age, or blind or disabled, and have the medical necessity to be in a nursing home. Usually this is not a problem because people seldom go to live in a nursing home unless they have to. For Medicaid, a nurse employed by the state will do an evaluation to determine the medical need. More

2020 Amounts

Medicare and Medicaid Spousal Impoverishment Figures More

Income Cap

Medicaid in Oklahoma has two financial eligibility requirements: Have less that $2,000 of countable assets and less than $2,349 (in 2020) of gross monthly income. The $2,349 is an “income cap.” More

Protect The Spouse

In Medicaid terminology, the spouse in the nursing home is called the “Institutionalized Spouse,” and the spouse staying at home is called the “Community Spouse.” More

Special Needs Trust

There are planning techniques which will allow a person on SSI and/or Medicaid to keep his benefits even if he receives a large amount of assets or a stream of income. More