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2019 Amounts

Medicare and Medicaid Spousal Impoverishment Figures 2019
Maximum Community Spouse Resource Allowance:Maximum CSRA is ½ of the countable resources or $126,420, whichever is less* $126,420*
Minimum Community Spouse Resource Allowance:Minimum is all countable resources up to $25,284.  If countable resources are less than $25,284 at snapshot date, then the CSRA is limited to the actual countable assets and cannot be increased later. $25,284
Maximum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance: $3,160.50*
Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance: $3,160.50*
Medicaid Institutional Income Cap without Trust: $2,313
Medicaid Income Trust – Maximum Monthly Income: $4,585*
Medicaid gifting penalty divisor (about $4,500/mo.): $150.74/day
Medicare Part A
Hospital Deductible (Total for Days 1-60)(per spell of illness) $1,364
Hospital Co-Insurance (Days 61-90) $341/day
Hospital Co-Insurance (Days 91-150) $682/day
SNF Co-Insurance (Days 21-100) $170.50/day
Medicare Part B
Deductible: $185/year
Standard Premium for 2019 enrollees: (provided, if an individual’s income is in excess of $85,000.) $135.50 per month
*Without legal assistance
WARNING: Understand that these amounts are maximums and minimums without legal assistance. Amazing amounts can sometimes be saved through proper legal assistance.  Do not evaluate a situation on your own without first discussing in-depth Medicaid planning with a qualified elder law attorney to learn about planning strategies Congress has allowed.  Sometimes the Community Spouse Resource Allowance can be increased. (The above information does not constitute legal advice.)
Amounts are as of 1-1-19 and are subject to change by state law or policy changes.